Plate Surrender Online

Plate Surrender House Calls Services Available

We can conveniently collect your surrender plates from home or the office.

We'll surrender your NYS tag and send a copy of the official DMV FS6T receipt to the owner via email, and the hard copy will be mailed to the address of the vehicle's registrant for their record.

When a vehicle is taken off the road in New York, the license plates must be surrendered to the DMV before you cancel the insurance. Suppose you cancel the insurance before you surrender the plates. In that case, you will create an insurance lapse that can result in suspending your vehicle registration and driver's license.

We'll pick up your plates from your home or office in Nassau County and surrender them to the DMV within 24–48 business hours* If you drop off the plates at our office in Franklin Square, NY, the service fee is $30.

Note: To get started, the vehicle's registrant must fill out the form below and attach a copy of the registrant's driver's license. Pickups scheduled during the weekends or state holidays may be processed the following business day.

Lost, stolen, or destroyed plates: My vehicle plates were lost, stolen, or destroyed. What can I do? You must surrender the vehicle registration to the DMV. We can collect your NYS surrender plates from any home or office in Nassau, Queens, and Western parts of Suffolk County for a small fee of $40 plus the initial $30 surrender service fee. No DMV Trips, Fast & Convenient Service!

Notice: This Transaction or Service is also available, at No Additional Charge, Directly from The Official Department Of Motor Vehicles Website at