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Standard DMV Service Fees

All Fees Below Exclude the DMV Official Charges & Sales Taxes  


 Vehicle Registration Services, skip the lines


License Plates  

NYS Custom License Plates - Passenger & Commercial


Titles (Transfer/Duplicate) 

Change of Ownership, Lost/Stolen Titles


Plates Surrender  

Avoid the long wait line at the DMV, Surrender your plates here with us


**The Standard rates above are applied for DMV Services to be processed within 72 hours (three business days excluding the actual DMV Processing Time). That means clients must allow us 72 hours to get the order to the DMV office for process on their behalf. NOTE: If you are in a hurry, please call us for our expedited process rates?** 

Notice: This Transaction or Service is also available, at No Additional Charge, Directly from The Official Department Of Motor Vehicles Website at